Faces of the USSSA: Yusuf Kurniawan / Perisai Diri

Editor’s note: In leading up to the USA Pencak Silat National Championships 2019, the USSSA is highlighting representatives from the many styles you’ll see at the tournament.

USSSA California State Coordinator – Yusuf Kurniawan


Yusuf Kurniawan


Santa Clara, California


Perisai Diri

How did silat find you?

When I was a child, I briefly learned traditional Silat from my Grandfather. Then I tried different traditional Silat from different sources. When I studied in University, I learned Silat Perisai Diri and focus on it until now.

Explain the history of your style as you understand it.

The founder was a proficient Silat practitioner within one of the Keraton (Kingdom). He then traveled and enriched his skills and wisdom outside the Keraton from one place to others. He also learned Kungfu/Kuntao martial art. Then he taught Silat to others as a summary of his journey.

What excites you about sport silat?

For athletes, sport silat is a tool to add many aspects to his original Silat background. For general Silat people, the events is a way to interact with other Silat practitioners and to promote Silat to people outside.

Anything else people should know about you?

I never win any sport silat competition ????