Already popular in Asia and now gaining momentum in the United States, Sport Silat (Pencak Silat Olah Raga in Indonesian and Malay) offers a wide variety of competition categories to match interest and skills.   USSSA hosts regional and national tournaments.

For those new to Sport Silat, here is a brief primer on the most common competition categories.

Competition Schedules

Sparring Matches (Tanding)

Forms (Jurus)

  • Jurus Tunggal  ????– Standardized solo form performance with three parts empty-hand, machete (golok) and long staff (tongkat panjang)
  • Jurus Ganda  ???? – Choreographed paired form displaying attack, defense and counter both empty hand and with weapons.
  • Jurus Beregu  ???? – Synchronized, team form

Official Manuals