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About Us

The United States Sport Silat Association (USSSA) is the sole national body for Pencak Silat competition in the United States recognized by the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) the global governing body for the sport which has 53 member countries and nearly one thousand athletes.

We coordinate local, state and national level competitions, so that we may field a strong USA Pencak Silat National Team that represents our country’s diversity of talent, knowledge and skill in Pencak Silat.

Looking to the future we are organizing to make Pencak Silat an official event in popular international venues like the Olympics, the Pan-Am Games and the Goodwill Games.

Mission and Vision

Vision: To share the cultural heritage of Pencak Silat and the Indo-Malay archipelago with all Americans.

Mission:  To serve as a beacon of Pencak Silat values through sport, fellowship and education.  To bring together Pencak Silat players from all geographies and background.  To foster goodwill with other countries through competition and the shared bond of Pencak Silat.

Board of Directors

  • President – Jacob Richter,  Inti Ombak Pencak Silat
  • Vice-President – Daniel Prasetya, Inti Ombak Pencak Silat
  • Secretary-General – Dr. Lee Becker, Inti Ombak Pencak Silat
  • Deputy Secretary-General – Adam Oliver, Pentjak Silat USA / Anak Serak
  • Director of Wasit and Juri Development – Dr. Sheik (Sam) Shamsuddin, Silat Seni Gayong
  • Asia Field Representative – Noeryanto Dhipuro, Pencak Silat Bayu Suci

Pencak Silat, Sport Silat and the World

Pencak Silat is an umbrella term referring to a diverse number of martial arts hailing from a large swath of Southeast Asia known in antiquity as Nusantara, which includes modern day Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines and more.  In the traditional sense Pencak Silat arts are complete fighting systems incorporating strikes, kicks, grappling, throwing and weapons.  Known for dynamic, fluid motion, Pencak Silat has come to be recognized as one of the most versatile and simultaneously beautiful martial arts.

Sport Silat

Sport silat is the modern competitive variant of Pencak Silat.  This is the result of an effort in post-colonial Indonesia to bring together the many arts of the region with a shared identity and purpose.  Since 1948, this movement has evolved to develop and embrace sports competition as a way to pay homage to tradition, while providing a more accessible outlet to promote the martial art along with health, fitness and community.  Sport Silat encompasses sparring and performance competitions.


The International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) is the worldwide governing body for Pencak Silat.  Their membership spans over 50 countries with athletes, coaches and officials hailing from all parts of the world.  They sanction regional and national organizations and organize international competition including The World Championships, SEA Games and Asia Games.  They are positioned to be the governing body for Olympic competition.



*PESILAT – Silat exponent / silat player — a practitioner of pencak silat.


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Taking a seat at the big PERSILAT table

Last month (January 2019), the United States Sport Silat Association (USSSA) was officially recognized by the world governing body for Silat, the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) based in Jakarta, Indonesia. THIS IS BIG This makes the USSSA the only national body in the United States sanctioned by PERSILAT. This gives us the authority to …

Making it official: USSSA on the world and national stage

This past weekend was an historic event for Pencak Silat in the United States.  Our Roadshow to the Olympics was the first truly inclusive gathering of the diverse number of Pencak Silat styles in America.  This summit brought together silat players from over 12 different styles and 10 different states spread across all regions of America.  …

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USSSA just had a successful weekend in Colorado training members to be part of our Wasit and Juri corps. Are you west coast based and ready to join? Sign up for the California training session on April 13 & 14. usasportsilat.org/events/ #teamusasilat #silat #silatinusa #sportsilat #pencaksilat #pentjaksilat ...

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Upcoming training sessions:

2019-03-23/24 Vermont

2019-04-13/14 California

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Into day 2 of Wasit and Juri training out in Colorado. Both east and west coast sessions are coming up. Check out our events section at usasportsilat.org for registration info. #teamusasilat #silat #silatinusa #sportsilat #pencaksilat #pentjaksilat ...

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