Help us send our athletes to the 19th World Pencak Silat Championship

Melaka, Malaysia July 26-31, 2022

The United States Sport Silat Association is excited and getting ready to send our contingent to to the 19th World Pencak Silat Championship this July. A crew of 11 athletes and 4 coaches are training hard to represent the USA and face the best the world has to offer. This kind of prep and travel is expensive and they need your help. To contribute to please click through our donate button below.

(Donations go through UTAMA International, our non-profit, tax-deductible 503c)

For the latest on the event visit the Official IPSF events page.

USA Pencak Silat National Championships 2019

Loveland, Colorado, USA * July 13-14, 2019

The USA Pencak Silat National Championships will be in Loveland, Colorado at the First National Bank Exhibition Hall, Saturday / Sunday July 13-14, 2019. This is the first PERSILAT sanctioned of its kind in the United States, and it will double as tryouts for the USA National Pencak Silat Team.

Competition will include both Senior (adult) and Junior divisions for tanding (sparring), jurus tunggal (solo forms performance), jurus ganda (choreographed pairs form). Entrants are limited to the first 150.

Full event details at:


“This is an historical event for Pencak Silat development.

Thank you USSSA!”

Benny G. Sumarsono
Executive Chairman
International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT)
Left: Jacob Richter, President, USSSA
Right: Benny G. Sumarsono, Executive Chairman, PERSILAT