Faces of the USSSA: Chris Robinson – Satria Fighting Arts

Editor’s note: In leading up to the USA Pencak Silat National Championships 2019, the USSSA is highlighting representatives from the many styles you’ll see at the tournament.

USSSA Virginia State Coordinator – Chris Robinson


Chris Robinson


Williamsburg, Virginia.




Satria Fighting Arts

How did silat find you?

I remember the exact minute that I found Silat or as my teacher says, Silat found me. I was teaching a seminar in Miami and someone pulled out a kerambit and hooked his partners achilles from a low position and took him down. He immediately crawled up his body cutting the whole time. It all happened so fast I was amazed! I had a huge paradigm shift then let go of a lot concepts and thoughts and jumped right into the world of Silat.

Explain the history of your style as you understand it.

Satria Fighting Arts is taught to me by Guru Steven Benitez. His teacher, Guru Ma, teaches that everything in your Silat can be found in nature. We use 6 animals but as in most Silat it is much deeper than sikaps and langkah!

What excites you about sport silat?

I started off a bit dubious but I have become more and more excited as we have jumped into sport Silat! I believe it will help us all share our wonderful martial art to more people.

Anything else people should know about you?

Fun fact like Conrad, I can fall asleep on command. Lol!