Full Contact Fighting – PPSF Ruleset

Full contact matches utilizing the intent, footwork and motion of pencak silat. Bouts following the PPSF ruleset, allow for kicks and strikes, submissions and throws.


  • Standard MMA gloves

Rules of Engagement

  • Motion must employ silat kaedah (intent, awareness) and langkah (footwork).
  • Punches and kicks allowed on any part of body except:
    • No open hand slaps on the ear
    • No punches to the throat
    • No kicks and punches to the groin
    • No poke on any whole to the body and eyes
    • No kicks to the knee from front or side; knee can be kicked from behind.
    • No hook sweeps
    • No small joint breaking techniques on the fingers and toes
    • No elbows on the ground
    • No knee to the head when opponent is on the ground
    • No biting
    • No throwing opponent head first into the ground
    • No head butting
    • No use of the chin press while on the ground
    • No clawing/scratching
    • No hair pulling
  • After a throw, any kind of locking techniques can be applied until stopped by referee
  • When opponent is on the ground, a maximum of 4 punches is allowed or until stopped by referee
  • No trash talking/insulting one’s opponent
  • No use of any kind of oil to make the body slippery . (Save that for the Turks)